Conundrum: Secrets Among Friends Movie 2018

Directed by

Michelle A. Daniel


Jo Marie Payton, Gary Leroi Gray, Paula Jai Parker, Parker McKenna Posey, Tre Melvin, Christian Vincent

Long-term companions Taylor (Tyler Abron), Reese (Gavelo), Mateo (Vincent), Victoria (Paula Jai Parker), Darrin (Booker Anderson), and Marshawn (Derrick Gordon) have known each other for quite a long while, as they all met in school. Taylor, who was a school team promoter, met her beau, Marshawn, when he played football for the University. Reese and Mateo dated all through school, got hitched three years back, and have two kids. Darrin was the companion who dependably had jokes and was the life of the gathering. Victoria is a genuine Southern beauty and has her loved ones’ best advantages on a fundamental level.

All have been doing admirably since school with vocations in the NFL and the TV/film industry, on Wall Street, and in the legitimate calling. When they leave on an end of the week escape to a shoreline house in the Hamptons, major trouble will become unavoidable as there are mysteries even in companionship.

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