Never Heard movie trailer 2018

Directed by

Josh Webber


David Banner, Romeo Miller, Robin GivensKaren Abercrombie

Aaron Davis (David Banner) is blamed for homicide and detained for a wrongdoing he swears that he didn’t submit. His child Jalen (Romeo Miller) is compelled to experience childhood with the lanes of Los Angeles without the direction of a dad and principally raised by his mom Shala (Robin Givens) and Grandmother Camilla (Karen Abercrombie). Jalen ends up in heated water with his better half Paris (Karrueche Tran) when they understand his life is in danger after his companion Diggy (Dijon Talton) chooses to band together with one of the greatest street pharmacists in the city leaving an expansive obligation to be recovered. Everything appears to pivot when Aaron is reminded to put his confidence in God first and utilize the intensity of petition to help tackle his issues. Will Aaron figure out how to demonstrate his guiltlessness and spare his child’s life before it is past the point of no return?

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