The Infiltrator, based on a true story of a man against the biggest drug crisis in the history. Bryan Cranston played the lead as an undercover agent. The movie is based on a true story written by Robert Mazur.

This time Bryan Cranston has come back with a role in the film of his worth and expressed his ability as a super exciting undercover agent. This Hollywood movie is all set to release on coming 13th July 2016.

This impeccable Hollywood movie is directed by Brad Fruman and Ellen Brown Furman has given contribution in writing the amazing dialogues of the movie.

In the early 1980’s US Custom service Robert Mazur, a special agent uses the name of “Bob Mussella” to unreveal the dirty cash of drug sellers and hence created a captive mystery and suspense. The movie is based on the nation’s biggest ever drug crisis.


The movie is produced by Broad Green pictures. The infiltrator shooting has taken place at Port Tampa Bay, Florida and then moved to Paris and London. The Howard Frankland Bridge east side came into view at the end scenes of the movie.

  • The movie is based on the infiltrator by Robert Mazur
  • Brad Furman and Paul M. Brennan are the producers of the movie
  • Chris Hajian is the music director of the movie
  • The movie is all set and has made till date with an approximate budget of $47.5 million



  • Bryan Cranston has played the lead role as Bob Musella / Robert Mazur
  • Andy Beck with played the role of Joe
  • John Leguizamo as Emir Abreu
  • Joe Gilgun played the character of Dominic
  • Diane Kruger as Kathy Ertz
  • Ammy Ryan has represented his contribution in the movie as Bonni Tischler
  • Benjamin Bratt as drug lord
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